Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Car Smart???

The following are easily understood & quick to answer “car owner” questions. If you feel unsafe or unsure about answering the questions then whatever you do, just ignore the next 4 groups.

Engine oil; How many miles can you reliably/comfortably travel before replacement?
           c 3000
c 5000
c 7500
c 10,000
(Remember; this is your Car, Truck, SUV, or CUV – check only ONE)

Routine maintenance; which of these was most important as the odometer passed by?
         c 9,000
c 30,000
c 60,000
c 90,000
c 105,000
(Remember; this is your Car, Truck, SUV, or CUV – check only one, not two.)
(Keep reading)

When do you feel is the ‘best time’ for you to look at your owners’ manual?
           c Prior to purchasing as the salesperson stands there looking on in amazement?
(This is my favorite answer, but doesn’t really mean it’s correct..)
c At the first OMG SERVICE, when the cars reliability decreases it costs!
You had no idea there were so many parts did you, huh? Just wait…
c Waiting for a ride as your car, truck, whatever gets the BIG routine service?
(You bought this Car, Truck, SUV, or CUV – check one, none, or all. (Keep reading.))
c “That tow truck is on the way, right?” I’ll just browse these nifty books in the glove box to kill some time.

Do you believe gas mileage is really all that important?
           c Strongly believe!
c Kind of believe!
c Sitting on the fence - torn between yes or no.
c Stuck with it so can’t seem to really give a care.
c Only when it hits $6.00 at the pumps, but that is never going to happen.
c What can Johns Lake Joy ToY do to help you better your fuel mileage..??..!!   
(Hmmm; was Bigger really better? After all, who was this car built for?)

Gotta through a plug in about the shop.

**next comes how many miles do these parts have........