Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 1st of many yet to come

I will begin this blog by stating simply, “My brain is constantly presenting so many ideas and solving those problems all at the same time.” I have read this is just one of the classic symptoms that are adult attention deficit disorder. As an adult, I have learned to live and function with AADD in the profession I chose. If at any time, or for any reason it seems as though I am going a hundred miles an hour, working on 3 to 7 projects at the same moment now you can understand what makes me work.

I do recall that as I grew up my childhood involved doctor visits to see why I did not seem to be growing as quickly as other children are. Yes, I was one of those that almost received an injection of a radioactive isotope used to excite or awaken the thyroid gland. However, like everything else in my childhood money was always a constant problem. As I look back now I was very fortunate not to have had this procedure.

In a time that this disorder did not exist, I, like so many other adults have adapted our thought processing and lifestyles so that we may be able to function normally within society.

Remember that all of this seems quite normal to me; it is others that are around me that seem a bit befuddled. As to the how and why I take on so many projects and take forever to finish them all, I think that I have now explained.

Oh, I forgot, with this also comes the desire, the need to constant strive for perfection. This means repetitive workmanship on my part. John P.