Thursday, September 15, 2011

Once again it has been an interesting week, here at L.J. ToY.

A 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse, timing belt replacement service, simple tear-down and reassembly. That last word in that sentence isn't really true, because the primary part of this service cannot be correctly documented by Alldata, Mitchell, or AutoData. I have to fall back on that stupid experience/gut feeling thing again.

1992 ToY p/u 3.0l, three codes, and a shopping list to go along with them. Parts are NOT real hard to find so far, but I keep stumbling into another person’s handy work. Have a look at the photo with this post. That tape on TPS sensor lead, what? Never seen anything like this before and I have a feeling there is more waiting too.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

There is so much to a name & location

The renaming of Johns Auto Repair, llc to Johns Lake Joy ToY seemed an easy task at first. I had been in the same town for nearly 20 years, the customer list was long, but then one day I was gone. Local parts house people, although prepped months in advance for the business relocation, had forgotten all. "He moved", was a commonly given answer as to where the new shop was located, NOW.

The jungle drum form of communication, found mainly in small rural towns should be easy to control. One problem encountered; the public is hard to educate at times. Next problem; contradictory information from those very same parts professionals. When asked for our location, the first few words uttered were vague; "uh they moved, I don't have an address yet, but...." My final, and the real problem created was people want convenience, not skill or experience..


For the general public, unsure of your whereabouts meant only that you had left. GONE. CLOSED THE DOORS. RETIRED, GASP! As I thought about what I should share here, an idea took hold. I would share all the pictures, videos, and stories of my customers and their cars! I have stories and pictures of the NOT SO HELPFUL parts people too! I have a few that made it into local newspapers... Now when I say pictures I infer STUPID DRIVER MISTAKES that caused the problems, or mind-fart stories generated by car-pro's to cover their tails.

So, welcome to descriptions of what I can do, have done or am planning. The next story may be YOUR vehicle, or beware, a mind-fart story that will identify who you are!