Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OMG! Those QR Codes ARE HERE!

So whats in this Qr Code for your smart phones like Android or the iPhone...? Do these help you to find my business? Can they be considered business cards of the future and the future is here now? Or are they just randomly placed pixels that appear to do something only a smart phone can understand. For your Beta testing enjoyment I submit a two examples of the smart phone code for your testing. Let me know if they work and how well by use of the email link through our website

I will work from your input and provide the local tester with a gift card to another local business.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

“Seriously Officer they work..!(?)”

Let’s talk license plate light bulbs. Local law enforcement awards violation certificates for the one blown out light on your vehicle. The most popular of the blown-out bulbs is the license plate light. The lack of illumination won't cause a hazard; it just makes our super reflective Washington State plates harder to read by that police officer behind you right now.

So respect the law and save a couple of hundred dollars at the same time. John's Lake Joy ToY will perform a safety inspection with next oil change. We repair any of those bulbs that have faded or blown-out and then you pay John's Lake Joy ToY that $100.00 we just saved you on that ticket.

This 2006 Toyota Sienna required disassembly of the complete tailgate just to replace two bulbs. Yes license lamps, but cheap to repair compared to that special certificate..